Robyn's Story Begins...

Once upon a time, The Lion Heart King ruled my lands. He was a just and fair king. When the Crusades began, he took up a holy quest, several of the kingdom's finest fighters, and rode off to fight a distant war. His brother, Prince John, has made my life a living hell ever since.

Someone can only tolerate injustice for so long before the urge to fight back becomes all consuming. Perhaps that's why I ventured into the Sherwood Forest. Regardless of my motivations, I've become an outlaw. Which is fine. 

If they insist on making me an outlaw. I'll do them one better. I'll become a legend of Loxley.

The legend of Robyn Hood. 

A young adult, LGBTQIA+ retelling of an old English folktale, Robin Hood. Challenging gender norms and tyrannical governments is just the start. This is a short story which I've laid as the groundwork for my novelization of this retelling. I hope you enjoy. 

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